Strategic Plan

In 2006, THDA, with the leadership of the Board of Directors, determined what needed to occur in order for this organization to be an effective change agent. With the Board of Directors’ emphasis on preserving and increasing the supply of affordable housing stock, educating providers and consumers of affordable housing, providing flexible products and cultivating a positive image of THDA and affordable housing, THDA senior management identified four major roles this new plan would address. These roles are: 

  • Program Administrator
  • Industry Leader
  • Partnership Facilitator
  • Housing Resource

Together these serve as the recommended means for THDA to not only continue as an effective change agent for the next three years, but also represents what staff believes needs to be in place for THDA to be the best Housing Finance Agency (HFA) in the country.

New Strategic Plan Coming Soon

THDA is finalizing a new Strategy to be launched in Spring-Summer 2015. The DRAFT Strategy centers around two primary aspirations:

  • Meaningfully expand safe, sound, affordable housing opportunities for Tennesseans as the state’s #1 housing resource.
  • Excel in the management of our resources; produce strong earnings that are creatively reinvested to meet the housing needs in Tennessee.

Additionally, we crafted Homeownership and Rental Housing Aspirations.


  • Expand homeownership opportunities statewide to serve well-prepared, eligible households, fully utilizing THDA’s financial tools to maximize our product line and loan availability to growing, underserved, and emerging markets.
  • Support successful, ongoing homeownership through loan products and grants for home maintenance and improvement and counseling programs.

Rental Housing:

  • Maximize the value of THDA rental housing programs to citizens and their communities through the expansion and preservation of quality affordable housing.
  • Support agency revenue goals through effective management of programs and services.

A product of staff from every division and level within the agency, this Strategy was crafted following the approach presented in A.G. Lafley and Roger Martin’s Playing to Win, a book that describes Proctor and Gamble’s strategy creation process. As such, the Strategy is organized on two main parameters: Where to play and How to win. Where to play indicates areas where a choice exists about who, when or how we proceed with a given objective. How to win indicates the steps we will take to be successful given our choices of where we will play.

Some of the Where to play and How to win decisions reflect our current efforts: the new options in our single family products, expanded counseling, targeting in the LIHTC program and improvements in our voucher administration approach. There are also new, forward looking directions: homelessness prevention geared to two particularly at-risk groups (youth transitioning from foster care and ex-offenders) and the implementation of design standards that ensure THDA funded housing serves as a quality, affordable example.