Rental Housing Compliance

Compliance Functions

The Program Compliance Division conducts internal and external monitoring on rental housing programs administered by THDA. The Division also supplies technical assistance to program participants to ensure long-term compliance and affordability.

HOME Long-Term Compliance

HOME funds are awarded annually through a competitive application process to cities, counties, and non-profit organizations outside the local participating jurisdictions. When the HOME-assisted property fulfills the housing contract, the property's long-term affordability period begins. The Program Compliance Division annually reviews compliance by the HOME-assisted property with on-going affordability requirements.

Housing Credit Compliance

The Low-Income Housing Credit is a credit against federal income tax liability each year for 10 years for owners and investors in qualifying low-income rental housing. An award of housing credits results in a subsequent compliance period of 15 years as well as a successive 30-year extended use period. The Program Compliance Division annual reviews compliance by the housing credit property with on-going federal and state compliance period requirements.

MORS for Section 8 Contract Administration

THDA was awarded a Performance-Based ACC Contract with the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) for oversight of properties with Section 8 Housing Assistance Payment Contracts. The Program Compliance Division conducts management and occupancy reviews and follows up on REAC inspections.

If you have any questions or need further information, please contact Gwen Coffey, Director of Program Compliance, at 615-815-2219.