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THDA's offices are open between the hours of 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. Our main office is located at the Andrew Jackson Building Third Floor, 502 Deaderick St., Nashville, TN 37243.

  General Information 615-815-2200  
  Toll-free Number 800-228-THDA  
  FAX number 615-564-2700  
  Community Grant Programs  615-815-2030  
  First-Time Homebuyers 615-815-2100  
  Homebuyer Education 615-815-2085  
  Human Resources  615-815-2075  
  Low Income Housing Tax Credits  615-815-2142  
  Multifamily Tax Exempt Bonds 615-815-2143  
  Public Affairs 615-815-2185  
       Legislative Liaison 615-815-2182  
  Section 8 General Information and Complaint Line 800-314-9320  

Executive Offices:
  Ralph M. Perrey, Executive Director 615-815-2200  
  Cindy Ripley, Assistant to the Executive Director 615-815-2200  
  Lynn Miller, Chief Legal Counsel 615-815-2028  
  Trent Ridley, Chief Financial Officer 615-815-2012  
  Lorraine Shearon, Chief Strategy Officer 615-815-2013  
  Joe Brown, Controller 615-815-2050  
  Patricia M. Smith, Director of Public Affairs 615-815-2185  
  Nicole Lucas, Director of Information Technology 615-815-2250  
  Wayne Beard, Director of Finance 615-815-2157  
  Gathelyn Oliver, Director of Internal Audit 615-815-2132  
  Bettie Teasley Sulmers, Director of Research & Planning 615-815-2125  
  Cathy Salazar, Director of Human Resources 615-815-2116  
  Debra Murray, Director of Operations 615-815-2053  

Program Divisions:
  Lindsay Hall, Senior Director of Single Family Programs 615-815-2100  
  Cheryl Jett, Senior Director of Rental Housing Programs 615-815-2186  
  Mike Blade, Director and Assistant General Counsel for Multifamily Development 615-815-2029  
  Coralee Holloway, Director of Community Programs 615-815-2031  
  Jada Lattimore, Director of Housing Choice Voucher Programs 615-815-2163  
  Steve Seifried, Director of Section 8 Contract Administration 615-815-2192  
  Gwen Coffey, Director of Program Compliance 615-815-2219  

HCV Rental Assistance Field Offices:

Phone Number

Fax Number
  Linda Lalone, Rental Assistance Manager - East TN, Cookeville 931-520-0608 931-881-1591
  Karen Davis, Rental Assistance Manager - West TN, Jackson 731-410-2270 866-752-4358
  Christy Hollingsworth, Rental Assistance Manager - South Central TN, Lewisburg 931-270-9183 931-246-1015
  Nancy Pollard, Rental Assistance Manager - Middle TN, Madison 615-564-1200 615-860-8703