Becoming a THDA-approved Lender

Basic requirements to become a THDA Originating Agent

A THDA-approved lender is an independent contractor authorized to originate THDA mortgage loans. To become a THDA-approved lender, you must complete and submit the entire Application to Become an Originating Agent and submit with required documents listed on the Application Submission Checklist.

A THDA-approved lender must:

  • Have a minimum net worth of $1,000,000.
  • Be able to originate, process, underwrite and fund their own loans at closing.

A THDA-approved lender has the following duties and responsibilities:

  • Establish and maintain eligibility to act as an originating agent for THDA.
  • Originate, process and close THDA mortgage loans.
  • Protect THDA's interests with respect to each THDA mortgage loan.
  • Ensure that all personnel with any responsibility for THDA mortgage loans are familiar with and comply, in all respects, with all THDA requirements and procedures.
  • Hold all funds or documents received in connection with THDA mortgage loans in trust for the sole benefit of THDA and release or disburse such funds or documents.
  • Deliver all required documents after THDA mortgage loans are closed.
  • Ensure proper and efficient originating, processing and closing of THDA mortgage loans and delivery of all required documents and all other services necessary.
  • Assist unsuccessful applicants for THDA funding in identifying other potential sources for mortgage financing.

THDA Approved Lender Application Forms

Application to Become a THDA Originating Agent
Application Checklist
ACH Wiring Instructions

Working Agreements

Agreement for Mortgage Revenue Bond Program -- Great Choice - Standard Version

Agreement for Mortgage Revenue Bond Program -- Great Choice - Parent Version (includes Parent Company signature)

Agreement for Mortgage Backed Securities Program -- GC97 Conventional

Contact THDA

For more information, please call 615-815-2100 or contact our mortgage specialists at

Please submit Application to Become a THDA Originating Agent by mail or electronically:
Tennessee Housing Development Agency
Attn: Single Family Loan Operation
502 Deaderick Street, 3rd Floor
Nashville, TN 37243

New Applications Email: