Flexible Home Concepts

What is the Flexible Home Concepts Program?

Flexible Home Concepts (FHC) is a voluntary certification program designed to encourage builders of new homes – whether single family or any multi-family building with up to three living units- to voluntarily implement design features which make a home accessible, visitable and convenient for everyone. Whether it is strollers, grocery carts, wheelchairs, 330-pound football players or heavy furniture and appliances, all will move easily in a Flexible Home Concepts property.

A home that is certified through the Flexible Home Concepts program has the following features incorporated in its design:

  • Easy Access with a step-free entrance of not more than ½ inch from a driveway, sidewalk or other firm surface into the main floor of the home, and;
  • Easy Passage throughout the home with an exterior door that provides a minimum of 32 inches of clear passage (36 inches is preferable) from the step free entrance. All interior passage doorways on the main floor also provide a minimum of 32 inches of clear passage, and;
  • Easy Use with a main floor that includes a kitchen, some entertainment area, at least one bedroom and one full bathroom. The full bathroom will provide at least 30” by 48” of maneuvering space that allows easy access to the sink, commode and shower or tub.

How Do I Become A FHC Participating Builder?

Registering to become a participating new home builder in the program is easy. Simply complete the Flexible Home Concepts Builder Registration Form (coming soon!) that can be found in the left column of this screen. Once completed, submit your completed form and annual registration fee of $100 to the Tennessee Housing Development Agency. Please note – you must have an active Tennessee General Contractors license, at minimum, in order to register with the program.

Registration with the Flexible Home Concepts program adds your name to the list of builders who have chosen to participate in this program. This list is available on our website and shared with potential homebuyers who are interested in purchasing a home that incorporates these design features. As a participating new home builder, you may submit up to four homes for inspection and certification in the Flexible Home Concepts program during your twelve month enrollment period, at no extra charge. Additional homes may be inspected and certified during this same twelve month period for the nominal fee of $25 each. 

Certifying a FHC Home

Actively registered builders can request a Flexible Home Concepts certification inspection by completing the submitting the FHC Request for Home Inspection and Certification form, which can be found at the bottom of this page. Please provide four weeks of advance notice to allow for scheduling. Any required inspection fee must accompany the request.

The inspection involves a simple on-site visit to the property to verify that the required features have been included as required by the program. Once verified, you will receive a Flexible Home Concepts program Certificate and Seal for the property that verifies it has been constructed in compliance with the program guidelines. In addition, a Homeowner Letter will be provided that advises the new owner of the benefits their home has including the design features of a Flexible Home Concepts property. 

For more information about Flexible Home Concepts call 615-815-2200 or email fhc@thda.org.