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Tennessee Housing Development Agency

THDA was established by the Tennessee legislature through enactment of Tennessee Code Annotated Sections 13-23-101, et seq. Under the direction of a 19-member Board of Directors, the mission of THDA is to be the lead state agency promoting sound and affordable housing for people who need help.

THDA is not a direct lender to borrowers, but works with approved mortgage lenders (“Originating Agents” or “OAs”) from across Tennessee to originate its loans. THDA underwrites loan applications submitted by OAs, and then commits to purchase pre-approved loans after they are closed and documented, or in some cases, table funds loans.

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For THDA Loans Serviced by US Bank

New THDA loans must meet specific THDA and IRS program requirements, and must continue to comply with certain program requirements for the life of the loan. All loans funded or purchased by THDA are held in THDA’s portfolio. THDA loans must be serviced by approved THDA Servicers.

If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact SFask@thda.org by email or the Single Family help desk at 615-815-2100.