Participant Information Management System

Effective February 1, 2017 (Please do not try to establish an account prior to that date!)

THDA has created the new Participant Information Management System (PIMS). Currently, PIMS is designed for use by non-profit agencies. However, in the future parts of the system will be used by all program applicants. First, you will create your account and establish a user profile. Once your account has been approved by THDA, you will be able to utilize an electronic document repository, which will store documents for future applications. This will help eliminate duplication of work and paper submissions – if an agency is applying for funding under more than one program, this will eliminate the need to send the same document multiple times. If you are only applying for a single program, it will eliminate the necessity of sending reams of paper and you can more quickly update a document when necessary. It will be clear to both the applicant and THDA what documents are on file at THDA. All relevant program staff will have access to this document repository.

Important Notice to our Program Participants: If you are planning to apply for funding from THDA in 2017*, please review the PIMS User Manual and the new PIMS Web Portal to establish your organization as a program participant and to upload required documents!

*Participants in the Low Income Housing Tax Credit Program will not be using this system in the 2017 funding round.