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To become a THDA-approved REALTOR® and have your contact information shown in THDA's Find a REALTOR® page, you must register for and take the TREC-approved, 4-hour continuing education class offered through your REALTOR® association.

TREC Class Name and Number: THDA “Great Choice Mortgage Programs” - Course #7571

If the class is not shown on the upcoming education schedule through your association, you may check with the next closest association to see if the THDA Course 7571 is offered and take the class there. Or, you may ask your association’s education manager to contact Debbie Reeves at 615-815-2152 or to schedule a class for members of your association.


  • What REALTORS® Need to Know About THDA - a short 20 minute webinar about how THDA can help your clients! Call for information.

Great Choice Loan Program Advantages

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Criteria for THDA's Great Choice Loan Program

Your knowledge of THDA requirements may allow mortgage loan transactions to close with THDA as the investor.

GC97 Freddie Mac HFA Advantage Loan Program (launching 7-1-20)

For question regarding servicing of THDA loans, contact:

Volunteer Mortgage Loan Servicing:

For more information, contact:

Debbie Reeves, Real Estate Industry Advisor, at or 615-815-2152 or 615-238-1480.

Josh McKinney, Real Estate Industry Advisor, at or 615-815-2158 or 865-394-8960