Legal Assistance?

Legal Assistance Program

The Attorney General’s Office (AG) has authorized the funding of the Legal Assistance Program that provides free legal assistance to homeowners who are facing legal issues associated with their primary residence, related to:

  • Foreclosures
  • Facing legal issues related to foreclosure prevention
  • Wrongfully foreclosed by a lender
  • Debt due to predatory lending practices
  • At risk of foreclosure due to being in default or in danger of default or in danger of defaulting on one or more deeds of trust associated with their primary residence

Approved Agencies

The Attorney General’s Office selected two legal service agencies to participate in the Program as Legal Assistance Program Providers. Both agencies selected are experienced in providing legal assistance and foreclosure prevention counseling services in Tennessee.

Memphis Area Legal Services Memphis Area Legal Services
Office: (901) 523-8822
Toll Free: (866) 361-9001

Legal Aid Society of Middle Tennessee and the Cumberlands Legal Aid Society
Toll Free: (800) 238-1443

To obtain additional information about these Program Providers, please visit their website by clicking on their logo or contact them by phone.

Funds for Assistance

The Legal Assistance Program provides funds to the Program Provider for legal and counseling services to eligible homeowners. This program will remain in effect until October 1, 2019.

The Program Provider must represent eligible homeowners in legal matters related to foreclosure prevention and in legal actions to dispute any debt that was incurred due to predatory lending practices at no cost to the homeowner.

The Program Provider may provide foreclosure prevention counseling services utilizing standards and practices applicable to HUD housing counselors.

Homeowner Eligibility

A homeowner’s eligibility will be determined by the Legal Assistance Program Provider. Eligibility will be based on the Program Provider's evaluation of the homeowner’s circumstances to establish if there is an adequate need for legal intervention or foreclosure counseling services.

Property Requirements

The property of the homeowner must be or have been owner-occupied as a primary residence and located in the state of Tennessee.
The property must be an existing single-family home, condominium (attached or detached), or a manufactured home on foundation that is permanently affixed to real estate owned by the borrower.

Program Exclusions

  • Manufactured Homes not permanently affixed to real estate are not considered real property
  • Non-legal U.S. resident


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