S8 Contract Renewals & Rent Adjustments

As the Project Based Section 8 Contract Administrator for the Department of Housing and Urban Development, THDA processes and executes Housing Assistance Payment Contract renewals and Multi-Year Funding renewals in order to preserve Affordable Housing in the State of Tennessee.

May 1, 2018, THDA requests that owners and management agents send all Section 8 Project Based annual Multi-Year funding renewal rent adjustments and contract renewals electronically to s8cadocs@thda.org.

  • You may include the Contract Operations Specialist's name or initials in the subject line of the email.

As THDA strives to preserve affordable rental housing throughout the State of Tennessee, we encourage you to consider the benefits of a 20-year contract. To learn more about the benefits of the 20-year, contract click here. If you require additional information, contact your THDA assigned Contract Operations Specialist or HUD Account Executive.

For properties that have not undergone an initial renewal of the original HAP contract, owner/agents may request rental adjustments and utility allowance adjustments, if applicable, on an annual basis. The type of rental adjustment allowed is determined by the Regulatory Agreement and include Annual Adjustment Factor (AAF) adjustments, budget-based adjustments, and/or special rental increases. Owner's should refer to the property's Regulatory Agreement and Notice HUD 2002-10 to determine the appropriate method.

Contract and Multi-Year Funding Renewals

These renewals may or may not include rental adjustments by the Operating Cost Adjustment Factor (OCAF), Budget Based Adjustment, or Rent Comparability Study Adjustment as determined by the property’s Housing Assistance Payment (HAP) contract and the Section 8 Renewal Policy Guide.

Go to Rent Adjustment Methods for additional information.

Important Notes:

  1. Requests submitted without the required forms and supporting documentation will not be processed until all information has been received.
  2. All Multi-Year Funding requests must be submitted 120 days prior to the property's funding expiration.
  3. All One Year Tenant letters must be submitted for review 13 months prior to the property's contract expiration date for review and approval.
  4. All contract renewal requests must be submitted 120 days prior to the property's contract expiration.

For additional information on what to submit or for assistance with understanding your options, please review the HUD Section 8 Renewal Policy Guide found in HUDclips. If you need additional assistance please contact your THDA assigned Contract Operations Specialist.

Section 8 Project Based Utility Allowance Adjustments

All properties with a utility allowance are required to submit a Utility Allowance request annually at the time of the annual rent adjustment and/or contract renewal.

Go to Utility Allowance submission requirements for additional information.

An owner's contract renewal or multi-year funding renewal (rent adjustment) request for their property will be Incomplete until the required utility allowance documentation is received.

For additional information or clarification on what is required contact your THDA assigned Contract Operations Specialist.

Changing Ownership and/or Management Agent Information with HUD

It is important that you maintain current ownership and management agent contact information with HUD. THDA uses this information on a regular basis for obtaining contact information.

To submit your changes you will use the HUD-2530’s and the APPS System.

Go to Active Partners Performance System (APPS) for additional information.

For any questions concerning the above, in general, please contact Gwen Coffey.

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