County Housing Factsheets

Each year, THDA compiles data from the American Community Survey (ACS) from the U.S. Census Bureau in order to produce statewide and county-level factsheets with demographic and housing statistics.

Data include number of households, median income, homeownership rates, median mortgage loan payments, median rent, and other relevant statistics. All statistics are presented as an average of the previous five years. County-level fact sheets include the most recent five-year average, the five-year average from five years ago, and the statewide five-year average to allow for relevant comparisons.

County Housing Factsheets - ACS 5-Year Estimates, 2012-2016

2012-2016 Factsheets: Census Table Reference Key

Prior Years

Census Factsheets - ACS 5-Year Estimates, 2011-2015
Census Factsheets - ACS 5-Year Estimates, 2010-2014
Census Factsheets - ACS 5-Year Estimates, 2009-2013
Census Factsheets - Tennessee and County – 2010

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