Tennessee Home Sales Data

2017 Home Sales: New and Existing Homes

Statewide, total home sales saw their sixth straight year of substantial growth. With a final total of 105,535 homes sold in 2017, Tennessee experienced its most homes sold since 2005. The median home sold in Tennessee during 2017 was at a price of $196,500, which is the highest nominal median sales price in state history and accounts for an eighth consecutive year of an increase in median home sales price.

Median and average sales prices of new and existing homes given below are compiled from actual and up-to-date information pertaining to residential, single-family home sales in these counties for calendar year 2017. These data, collected locally, become part of a comprehensive database maintained by the Division of Property Assessment (Comptroller's Office, State of Tennessee). This gives us the opportunity to validate the sales price data in comparison to assessed values of both property and improvement. In addition, information in the database enables us to restrict our analysis to actual arm's length transactions.

All files include sales volume and median sales price by county or Metropolitan Statistical Area. Additionally, the 2017 Home Sales by County file includes median and average sales price by county, and 2017 Home Sales by MSA includes median and average sales price by MSA.

For your convenience, files are available as Adobe (.pdf) or Excel (.xls) files.

2017 Home Sales by County (.pdf | .xls)

2017 Home Sales by MSA (.pdf | .xls)

All Home Sales 2008-2017 (.pdf | .xls)

Existing Home Sales 2008-2017 (.pdf | .xls)

New Home Sales 2008-2017 (.pdf | .xls)

The above statistics are limited to single family homes, residential condos, and Planned Unit Developments (P.U.D.). Many property sales are denoted by the Comptroller's Office to be not properly reflective of their market value; these tabulations exclude such sales. Those excluded were for a multitude of reasons, examples of which include:

  1. Very high ratios of sales price to actual assessed value,
  2. High ratio of land value in the sale price, suggesting a vacant lot or land-based sale, or
  3. Very low improved property values assessed (<$10,000) indicating probable substandard nature of the dwellings.

In 2017, THDA's methodology for Knox County was revisited and modified to include P.U.D. sales. In order to allow for more applicable year-over-year comparisons, totals for 2015 and 2016 were retroactively modified as well.