2016 Program Summary and Economic Impact Report

We are proud to present THDA's calendar year 2016 Program Summary and our interactive mapping tool. Since 1973, THDA has worked closely with lenders, real estate professionals, builders, nonprofit and for-profit developers and planners to meaningfully expand safe, sound, affordable housing opportunities for low and moderate income Tennesseans.

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How to Use The Program Summary

This Program Summary provides a comprehensive account of THDA’s activities during calendar year 2016. This reports includes the Economic Impact Report summary followed by descriptions of each of THDA’s programs and then statewide data and graphs. After the statewide data, THDA’s 2016 impact is broken out by congressional district and then by all 95 Tennessee counties. Lastly, the Methodology explains how every number is calculated for each program. Click on the map on any of the Congressional District of County pages to be taken to our new interactive online mapping tool.

How to Use The Map

This interactive mapping tool displays THDA 2016 housing program information in a range of views. The maps are a companion piece to two THDA Reports: The 2016 THDA Program Summary and the 2016 THDA Economic Impact Report. Click on the tabs across the top of the map for different displays of THDA activity in 2016. Click on the County/Congressional District/MSA to find out more about 2016 THDA activity in that area.

Program Summary Reports

THDA administers a wide range of programs for families and individuals to help them locate and afford a place to call home. The Program Summary Reports provide a comprehensive account of THDA's programs and activities during the calendar year.

Economic Impact Reports

Economic Impact Reports are a comprehensive framework to estimate the economic impact of the THDA activities in providing safe, sound, affordable housing options to households of low and moderate income. The reports include a review of THDA programs, both loans and grants, to determine the scope and the monetary flows of each program's activities.