2023 TNHC Agenda

Tuesday, February 28

9:30a.m. - 10a.m. - Tennessee Affordable Housing Coalition Steering Committee Meeting

10a.m. - 11a.m. - Tennessee Affordable Housing Coalition Annual Meeting

11:30a.m. - Opening Luncheon - Davidson Ballroom

Plenary speaker: Gerald Howard, CEO, National Association of Home Builders

1:45p.m. to 3:00p.m - Breakout Sessions

The Role of Supportive Services in Empowering Families and Individuals with Disabilities to Live Stably in the Community

This session will explore using supportive services as a highly effective strategy combining affordable housing with coordinated services to help those struggling with chronic physical or mental health issues and seniors to obtain and maintain stable housing and receive appropriate health care.
Katie Kitchin, Corporation for Supportive Housing; Marisa Moazen, Knoxville Community Development Corporation; Neru Gobin, TN Dept. of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services

Renovation Mortgages

The low housing inventory of recent years has roots back to the mortgage crisis and the lack of new homes being built. Then many people stopped selling their homes due to the pandemic, add the demand of millennial homebuyers ready to make the move into homeownership to the mix and inventory rebound could be years away. Let’s rethink aged home inventory and providing the opportunity for a rehab. Hear from our panelist of experts on Renovation Purchases, giving borrowers more purchasing options and an easier way for lenders to manage the process.
Presenters: Simone Beaty, Freddie Mac; Jeff Zitelman, Fannie Mae; Tom Gillen, Churchill Mortgage; Dana Solberg, Churchill Mortgage; Ed Rogers, Built Technologies

Tennessee's Best Presentations - REGIONAL IMPACT

This award is given to a person, organization, or project that has demonstrated a dedication to affordable housing and has created an enduring partnership with THDA through the usage of our programs. Hear about this year’s nominees’ successes directly from them. Winners will be announced at the awards program on the second day.
Presenters: Derwin Jackson, Franklin Housing Authority; Jamie Berry, MDHA; Amy McDonald, TN Homeless Solutions

3:15p.m. to 4:30p.m. - Breakout Sessions

Cultivating Partnerships for Affordable Housing

Franklin, TN is listed as one of the richest cities in the state, with current median sales prices at $529,355 and median rent prices at $1596. In 2020, the share of homes sold under $100,000 was 8.9% and 25% of their workforce were daily commuters. With the lack of affordable housing serving as a national challenge, local advocates work to find innovative ways to create affordable housing options. In this session, you will hear from local non-profits about how they are working together to leverage resources and create sustainable partnerships, in an effort bring affordable housing to downtown Franklin.
Presenters: Derrick Solomon, Hard Bargain; Derwin Jackson, Franklin Housing Authority; Wayne Weaver, Community Housing Partnership; Kim Randell, Habitat for Humanity of Williamson County; Kathleen L. Sauseda, City of Franklin

Equity Focused Strategies to Increase or Preserve Affordable Housing Opportunities

As we consider solutions to increase the housing supply in cities and communities across Tennessee, it is imperative that we recognize the various and significant disparities in access to housing, particularly for people of color, and engage in intentionally equitable policy-making and actions when creating or preserving existing affordable housing. Join us for a session to learn about strategies or solutions for building equity-focused, thriving communities with affordable housing opportunities that meet the needs of a diverse population.
Presenters: Emily Thaden, Grounded Solutions; Chris Reeder Young, Habitat for Humanity of Greater Memphis; Angela Hubbard, Housing Division for Metro Nashville


This award is given to an organization that has significantly contributed to the stabilization of a neighborhood, through their use of THDA programs and/or the orchestrated use of THDA programs within other housing organizations. Hear about this year’s nominees’ successes directly from them. Winners will be announced at the awards program on the second day.
Presenters: Eric Davis, Crossroads Campus; John Shepard, Elmington Capital; L. Thomas Rowe, Murfreesboro Housing Authority

4:30p.m. - 5:30p.m. - Reception - Vendor area

Wednesday, March 1

8:30a.m. - Breakfast & Plenary - Davidson Ballroom

Tennessee Affordable Housing Coalition Installment of Officers

2022 Tennessee's Best Awards


This session highlights four visionary housing initiatives that have or will have a transformative impact on once-neglected neighborhoods. Each begins with a bold vision for improvement, formed with community input, leveraged with a variety of public and private resources. Hear from those who’ve done it, are doing it now, and those just getting started.

Plenary Speakers: Mikki Anderson, Purpose Built Communities; Emily Bernstein, McCormack Baron Salazar; Ben Bentley, KCDC; Elizabeth McCright, CHA

10:45a.m. to 12:00p.m.- Breakout Sessions

Efficient, Sustainable and Affordable Housing; Making Housing More Affordable though Energy Efficiency and Sustainability

This session will take a deep dive into available energy efficiency measures that could be incorporated in design, weatherization and rehabilitation of affordable housing projects to reduce energy costs, increase sustainability and reduce the impact on the environment.
Presenters: Frank Rapley, TVA; Michael Walton, GreenSpaces Chattanooga; Michelle Dusseau Diller, Enterprise Community Partners

Alternative Housing Solutions

Affordability challenges such as inflation, rate increases and a lack of inventory for stick built homes are leading housing professionals to look for alternative housing solutions. Listen to experts with experience in container homes, 3-D printed homes, barndominiums and community land trusts. Opportunities and obstacles such as codes, financing and lessons learned will be shared.
Presenters: Chris Thompson, Virginia Housing; Ryan Davis, Retro Con; Simone Beaty, Freddie Mac; Luicano Scala, Pinnacle Bank; Leon Leinbach, Keystone Construction

THDA Updates

THDA was created to promote the production of more affordable new housing units for very low, low, and moderate income individuals and families in Tennessee and to promote the preservation and rehabilitation of existing housing units for those same people. Keys to those efforts are found behind the doors of THDA’s own Community Programs, Section 8 Rental Assistance and Multifamily Programs. Join this panel of THDA subject matter experts for an overview of key program updates, including HOME-ARP and Weatherization-Infrastructure funds, the Low Income Housing Credit program, and the availability of project-based vouchers.
Presenters: Eric Alexander, THDA Director of Multifamily Programs; Cynthia Peraza, THDA Director of Community Programs; Jeboria Scott, THDA Director of Rental Assistance

12:00p.m. - Lunch to Go - Session rooms hallway