Emergency Repair Program

The Tennessee Housing Development Agency (THDA), upon approval of its Board of Directors, allocates $2.7 million annually for the Emergency Repair Program (ERP). The Emergency Repair Program is designed to correct, repair, or replace an essential system and/or critical structural problem for homeowners who are either elderly (age 60 or over) or disabled. The purpose of ERP is to stabilize the homeowner’s residence by making essential repairs to make the home more livable. This is not a comprehensive homeowner rehabilitation program.

The Emergency Repair Program is administered through Tennessee’s Development Districts or Human Resource Agencies to help ensure that the program is available state-wide.


Assistance is available to individual homeowners in the form of a grant. The grant does not require that a lien be placed against the property and there is no compliance period. The maximum grant amount is $10,000. Homeowners may apply through one of the nine administering agencies. Interested parties should contact the agency that serves their county of residence for further information.


There is a 25% match requirement for the THDA funds used for the emergency repairs. The matching funds can be provided by:

  • The homeowner or the homeowner's family;
  • Federal sources such as USDA Rural Development or the Weatherization Program;
  • Church groups or local agencies;
  • The cost of repairs made to the home within 18 months prior to application for assistance;
  • Donated labor and/or materials; or
  • A funding pool or grants from local lender(s) to the Development District.


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For more information, contact Community Programs at 615-815-2030.