HOME Program

THDA awards HOME funds annually through a competitive application process to cities, counties and nonprofit organizations outside a local participating jurisdiction to implement homeowner rehabilitation or second mortgage subsidy programs.

THDA also annually funds under the HOME program nonprofit housing developers designated by the State as a Community Housing Development Organization (CHDO) to develop housing for sale to low- and moderate-income homebuyers across all of Tennessee, including within local participating jurisdictions.

For 2017 funds, THDA has completed three application rounds. The 2017 HOME Program Description was released late in January with applications due in early March 2017. Final selections under the 2017 HOME Program Description were announced on July 11, 2017.

THDA has currently opened an application period for the 2018 HOME Grant and will open a Mini-Round designated for Community Housing Development Organizations on June 1, 2018. Qualified applicants include all Local communities who are not direct HUD grantees, Community Housing Development Organizations and non-profits. The 2018 allocation from HUD was recently announced. THDA will receive $14,391,943.

2018 HOME CHDO Mini-Round 2 Information

2018 CHDO Mini-Round 2 Application Workshop Presentation

  1. 2018 HOME CHDO Mini-Round 2 Application
  2. 2018 HOME CHDO Mini–Round 2 NOFA
  3. 2018 HOME CHDO Mini-Round 2 Program Description
  4. CHDO Designation and Checklist
  5. Board and Corporate Disclosure Template
  6. Board Member Information
  7. 2018 Need Scores

2018 HOME Grant Information

2018 HOME Scoring Matrix - CHDO
2018 HOME Scoring Matrices - Urban and Rural
2018 HOME Program Description

HOME Final Rule

The HOME Final Rule was published in July 2013, and became effective on August 23, 2013, for most of the changes. HUD is in the process of providing additional guidance on the implementation of the new rule. The following are highlights of the changes:

  • Repayment of HOME funds invested in a rental unit that has not been leased to initial tenants within 18 months of the completion of construction.
  • FHA 203(b) Single Family Mortgage Limit (203(3)(b)) eliminated from regulations. Grantees must use the HUD-published 95% area median purchase price as after rehabilitation value limit and sales price limit.
  • Substantial changes to 92.251 Property Standards.
  • Changes to definition of a Community Housing Development Organization (CHDO).
  • CHDO funds must be committed to a specific activity within 24 months or will be recaptured by HUD.
  • The Working Agreement for grantees who are developing housing for rental or home ownership must include the address or legal description of the HOME-assisted property.
  • Home buyer units must be sold to an eligible home buyer within 9 months of the completion of construction or the unit must be converted to a HOME rental unit and rented to an eligible tenant. Affordability requirements of a rental project would apply (20 years for new construction).

HOME Property Standards

For more information, you may contact Bill Lord, Housing Program Manager at 615-815-2018.

Program Tutorials

  1. Rehab Coordinator Training
  2. CHDO Acquisition and Rehab
  3. Homeowner Rehabilitation
  4. Homeowner Rehabilitation Pay Request Process
  5. Homeownership Monitoring
  6. Program Requirements Monitoring
  7. Lead-based Paint Hazard
  8. Submitting an Initial Work Write-up