THDA grant to assist Jackson in Covid-19 relief efforts

THDA grant to assist Jackson in Covid-19 relief efforts

Posted on Jun 16, 2020

Jackson, Tenn. (May 26, 2020) – The Tennessee Housing Development Agency has awarded a $50,000 COVID-19 Supplemental Funding to Continuums of Care Grant to the West Tennessee Healthcare Foundation to assist with housing vulnerable Jackson citizens.

The grant will assist the foundation with providing shelter, food and basic necessities to individuals with mental health and substance abuse issues who have been affected during the pandemic.

“For many Tennesseans, the pandemic has transitioned everyday struggles into nearly

unbearable circumstances,” said THDA Executive Director Ralph Perrey. “It’s during

these times that we must all come together to help one another.THDA is happy to be able

to provide assistance that will help keep someone’s mind from one less problem.”

Frank McMeen, West Tennessee Healthcare Foundation President, said the grant will assist with stabilizing the targeted population “by allowing them to continue treatment and have a more viable option than the streets.”

“Our communities are about people. For us to allow people to live on the street is an embarrassment,” McMeen said. “By partnering with the state to confront the issue of homelessness, we are illuminating its importance and how stable housing for all citizens benefits our community.”

Vicki Lake, West Tennessee Healthcare’s Director of Community Development, said the program has assisted 16 residents in Jackson and Dyer County to date with plans on expanding the program throughout their 18-county service area.

“We’re working with community partners to identify these individuals who don’t have anywhere to go and otherwise would be on the streets,” Lake said. “It’s through these community relationships and the help of the government that we’ve had this success thus far.. We’re thrilled about this.”

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THDA grant to assist Jackson in Covid-19 relief efforts