Emergency Housing

Disaster Response Housing

Tennesseans in need of housing after a disaster are encouraged to visit TNHousingSearch.org. This site, funded by THDA, is a statewide rental housing resource which features housing options at all price points. TNHousingSearch.org is free to search and free to list. After a disaster, landlord outreach is conducted to add listings and ensure that existing listings are available in and around the impacted areas. TNHousingSearch.org also has a toll-free, English and Spanish language, call center (1-877-428-8844) to help with intake and referral for those affected by a disaster and deliver personalized housing search results. TNHousingSearch.org is administered by Socialserve.com, a national provider of housing locators with experience handling disaster housing intervention.

Homeless Housing

THDA administers the federally-funded Emergency Solutions Grant (ESG) Program, which provides funding to local homeless housing providers for services to help Tennesseans who are at risk of homelessness or who are homeless quickly regain stability in permanent housing. For assistance. contact your local homeless housing provider. For help finding a local homeless housing provider, click here for a map with agencies and phone numbers. Click here for HUD homelessness resources.

Transitional Housing

Transitional Housing offers a place for men and women to live when returning to society from incarceration. According to the Tennessee Department of Correction (TDOC) “Those who have stable, safe, affordable housing after their release are less likely to re-offend.” Because of this and our ongoing efforts to reduce homelessness throughout Tennessee, THDA has partnered with the Tennessee Department of Correction (TDOC) to expand this access to housing. TDOC maintains an approved transitional housing list of nonprofits and other organizations that meet the housing needs of citizens returning from incarceration, helping them become part of the community again.

Foreclosure Prevention

Homeowners at risk of losing their homes are encouraged to contact one of our free, confidential foreclosure prevention counselors. Click here to find out more about THDA’s foreclosure prevention program.