Off-Site Construction (Manufactured) Homes

Purchasing an off-site construction home is an option for new homebuyers using THDA’s Great Choice Mortgage or repeat homebuyers using Freddie Mac HFA Advantage. Off-site construction homes are built completely off-site and then transported to the construction site and permanently affixed to a foundation.

Advantages of Off-Site Construction

  • Affordability: The cost of an off-site construction home is significantly lower per square foot than a traditional stick-built home.
  • Flexibility: Off-site construction homes provide homebuyers with a number of options to customize their new home.
  • Structural Strength: Off-Site Construction homes are built to the HUD Code adopted in 1976. This is the only federally mandated and administered code in existence; many developers refer to the code as the most stringent certification process in the industry.
  • Timetable: Off-site construction is significantly faster than traditional construction. Homes can be completed in as few as 60 days and installation takes only a few additional days.
  • Energy-Efficient and Technologically-Advanced: Off-site construction allows builders to implement the latest developments in construction while the HUD Code requires that these homes meet a high standard in energy efficiency with exceptional insulation.

Make a Great Choice with Off-Site Construction

Low interest rate financing through the THDA Great Choice Mortgage program is an ideal option for buyers purchasing an off-site construction home. Our down payment assistance can be applied to both the down payment and/or closing costs. THDA will take care of de-titling the home and homebuyers will get more home for their money due to off-site construction's affordability.

To start your home buying journey with an off-site construction home and Great Choice mortgage financing, contact a lender today.