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Hardest Hit Fund Reinstatement Only Program (ROP)

Tennessee Housing Development Agency (THDA) Hardest Hit Fund Reinstatement Only Program (ROP) is no longer accepting applications. THDA is anticipating additional funds for mortgage assistance. Visit To sign up for notifications on when the THDA's Homeowner's Assistance Fund(HAF) will be available available.

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Foreclosure Prevention

Should you experience difficulty paying your mortgage, help may be available. It is very important that you contact your loan servicer immediately and don’t let the payment deadline pass. HUD-certified housing counselors can help you navigate this situation successfully and avoid a foreclosure. Your first step is to seek assistance as soon as you suspect that you may not be able to make a payment.

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Suspected Fraud

Any suspected fraud in connection with HHF Programs should be reported to THDA for immediate review. THDA reserves the right to decline funding or participation if it is determined that fraud has occurred.

Report Fraud To:

To request an HHF Payoff Statement, email