Housing Choice Voucher Complaints and Intakes

Tennessee Housing Development Agency (THDA) strives to offer excellent service and respond to all of our participants as per the agency’s strategic goals. Despite our efforts, we expect to receive complaints from participants (clients and landlords) from time to time. With the above goals in mind, the following process will be followed when responding to a complaint lodged against a person, policy or process related to the administration of the Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) Program.

Initially, a complaint may be filed verbally with the assigned Rental Assistance Specialist (RAS) at the field office level. Details of the complaint will be entered into the HCV software system, along with the date and approximate time of the call. The RAS verbal response to the complaint will also be entered into the HCV software system. If the participant expresses dis-satisfaction with the RAS response to their complaint, the RAS will refer the call to the Rental Assistance Manager (RAM) at the field office level. Typically, the RAS will collect the contact information from the complainant and give this information to the RAM.

Dependent upon the nature of the complaint, the RAM may choose to respond verbally (by phone); schedule an in-person case conference at the field office location or send the THDA Complaint Intake form to the participant. The RAM will respond to all complaints within no more than seven (7) business days. If the RAM responds verbally, the response will be entered into the HCV software system. If the RAM responds verbally or holds a case conference, and the participant is dis-satisfied with the outcome, the RAM will offer the participant the THDA Complaint Intake form to file a written complaint that is investigated by THDA central management staff.

When a participant files a written complaint, it will be reviewed by THDA central or executive management and a written response will be made on the THDA Complaint Response form within 30 days. Written complaints may be mailed via U.S. Postal Service to the address listed below. Written complaints may also be emailed to hcvcomplaints@thda.org.THDA does not accept complaints outside of this process. Once a complaint has been submitted and reviewed by the central or executive management team, the complaint is closed and further THDA response on that specific complaint will not be offered, verbally or in writing.

Submitting a Complaint

Step 1: Complete the THDA Complaint Intake Form

Step 2: You may email, fax or mail the Complaint Intake Form to:

    Tennessee Housing Development Agency
    Attn: HCV Complaints
    Andrew Jackson Building Third Floor
    502 Deaderick St.,
    Nashville, TN 37243

Note: Due to the potential administrative burden, THDA does not respond individually to complaints about a general policy change or class grievance. For example, if THDA changes the payment standards, which applies to all families uniformly, THDA will not individually respond to the complaint. If a participant complains about an activity that is eligible for an informal review or hearing, the initial response at all levels (field and central) will be to explain the review/hearing procedures to the participant. If the participant chooses not to file a request for an informal review or hearing, the complaint will not be heard. Further, if an applicant or participant has a pending appeal, a complaint will not be heard regarding the issue that is pending appeal. The hearings officer may not contact or respond directly to the applicant or participant while the appeal is pending (before the review or hearing). Appeal hearings dates are mailed to the applicant or participant.

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