Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) Wait List Instructions

THDA Online Application Website

Tips and Instructions for Applying

When wait lists are open, interested applicants may apply through this website using a quick and easy process!

Important Information

  • Applying for a Housing Choice Voucher is always free. The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), who funds the program, does not allow any agency to charge a family to apply. Beware of websites that charge a fee to apply for the voucher program. These websites are not affiliated with the Tennessee Housing Development Agency (THDA) or the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). The only way to apply for a THDA voucher is through THDA's official website.
  • All wait list openings and closings are posted on this website, THDA's social media and through advertisements in local newspapers. Also, telephone recordings for each office give waiting list information.
  • You may apply for a waiting list with any computer with Internet access. Someone else may apply for you if you need help using a computer. Many public libraries offer free computer access. Please note that many libraries require that you have a library card and that all fines be paid before you use their computer lab.
  • If you need to request a reasonable accommodation due to a disability or need other help, you may contact a THDA area office for assistance.

Detailed Application Instructions

  1. At the top of the pre-application, select the county waiting list you wish to apply for*. You may only apply for county waiting lists that are open at that time. Only counties that are open will appear on the screen. You may only apply for one waiting list at a time. If you would like to apply for more than one list that is open, you will need to complete another pre-application (go back to the website and start over). You may only apply once for your household on each waiting list.
  2. Be sure to enter information in every blank. Do not enter any symbols or punctuation (like $ or ,). Do not enter the head of household's name in the household member name section. Each name should only be entered once. Only enter whole dollars for income (no cents).
  3. After you have successfully applied, you will receive a page with a confirmation number.
    1. Print this confirmation sheet for your records (or write down your confirmation number). This is your confirmation that your name is on the wait list.
    2. You will not receive a letter by mail to verify confirmation of your pre-application. You will, however, receive a letter from THDA when you are at the top of a wait list and we are ready to determine your eligibility, or to confirm that you would like to remain on a wait list. It may take from a few weeks to possibly a few years depending on available funding for Vouchers.
    3. Please do not call your THDA office to check your status. THDA is unable to give you a position number or estimated wait time to receive assistance.

Other Important Application Information

  • You must enter a valid date of birth and social security number when you apply online. If you submit an invalid date of birth or social security number and the record is rejected, it may delay the date and time of your application's entry into the system while THDA validates and corrects this information.
  • If you do not receive a confirmation number after you submit your pre-application, you must contact the THDA Rental Assistance Administrative office via email immediately at HCVInfo@thda.org. THDA will not be able to investigate application issues after the wait list has closed for open enrollment.
  • You may apply for any open county waiting list you choose. If you apply for a county list in a county other than where you live, you will be required to live in that county for at least 12 months before you may take your Voucher to another county or state. If you have already lived in the county where you are applying for assistance for 12 months or more, you may be able to take your Voucher to another county immediately.

Contact Information for Current Applicants

Current applicants please submit all waitlist inquiries (address and phone changes or general Voucher questions) via email to HCVInfo@thda.org, by mail to: HCV Info, Andrew Jackson Building, Third Floor, 502 Deaderick Street, Nashville, TN 37243 or by phone 615-815-2200 - select option 3. If you do not give THDA your new contact information, you may miss important information and your name may be removed from the waiting list. HCV complaints may be emailed to HCVComplaints@thda.org or call 615-815-2200 - select option 3. Please follow the instructions for filing an HCV complaint. Click here for THDA's Formal Complaint and Hearing Procedures.