Applications are now being accepted for partial claim reimbursement. If you completed an

FHA, VA, or USDA Partial Claim to resolve your COVID19 Hardship, please review our F.A.Q. for more information and apply below. If you are unsure if you have a partial claim, please reach out to your mortgage servicer for confirmation.

For assistance, you can reach the call center at 855-890-8073.

*Submissions for reinstatement programs were closed on August 6, 2023. If you are currently delinquent on your mortgage, please reach out to your servicer for assistance.

TNHAF Frequent Asked Questions

How do I apply for the TNHAF program?

You may apply for assistance through the TNHAF by clicking the application button at the top of the page. Once you click the button, a new window will open with instructions on creating an account to begin the application process.

What are the requirements to qualify for assistance through the TNHAF?

The following are some of the main requirements. This list is not all inclusive. A TNHAF underwriter will review your information and determine eligibility according to TNHAF guidelines.

  • You must have experienced a qualified financial hardship related to the Coronavirus Pandemic. The hardship must have occurred after January 21, 2020, and prior to May 11, 2023 (the official end to the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency), and the hardship must have occurred after the purchase or refinance of your home. You will be asked to attest to the hardship when completing your application.
  • You must currently own and occupy the property as your primary residence
  • Your annual household income can’t exceed 150% of the National Median Income. Currently this amount is $144,300.
  • Must have a COVID19 partial claim through FHA, VA, or USDA
  • Other guidelines will apply.

What documentation is required to apply for TNHAF assistance?

The following items will be needed for all borrowers on the mortgage and their spouses in order to submit the application for review:

  • Driver’s license or state ID
  • Most recent tax return
  • Most recent paystubs covering the last 30 days
  • Most recent mortgage statement
  • copy of partial claim note

There may be additional required documents requested in order to establish eligibility.

What is the maximum amount of financial assistance I may receive through the TNHAF program?

The TNHAF program will assist with eligible FHA, VA, or USDA Partial Claim reimbursements that meet program guidelines up to the maximum assistance per household of $40,000. Any previous assistance through the TNHAF program will be subtracted from the $40,000 max.

What kind of assistance is available?

Partial Claim Reimbursement: If you brought your Covid related delinquency current through loss mitigation using a partial claim, you may be eligible to have the partial claim paid off or reduced. This option is available ONLY for certain government backed loans (FHA is one example).

What is a Partial Claim?

COVID-19 Recovery Standalone Partial Claim: For borrowers who can resume making their current mortgage payments, the COVID-19 Recovery Standalone Partial Claim allows mortgage payment arrearages to be placed in a zero-interest subordinate lien against the property. The Partial Claim amount does not require payment until the last mortgage payment is made, the loan is refinanced, or the property is sold, whichever occurs first. (

Do I receive the money from this program to pay my partial claim?

TNHAF payments are delivered directly to approved entities. HAF Funds are not paid directly to homeowners.

Will I have to pay this money back?

No. Financial assistance obtained through the TNHAF does not require repayment.

How do I get in touch with the TNHAF Call Center?

The TNHAF call center can be reached at 855-890-8073. The call center hours are Monday through Friday 7am to 7pm CST.

I don’t have a computer. How can I apply?

If you need assistance in completing your application, please contact the call center at 855-890-8073. A call center representative will refer you to a HUD certified counselor who will be able to assist with your application.

Can I apply in person?

Yes. If you wish to apply in person, you may request a referral to a HUD certified counselor in your area who will be able to assist with your application by calling the call center at 855-890-8073.

I can’t get into the application portal – what do I do?

Please call the TNHAF call center at 855-890-8073. A call center representative will be able to assist you with gaining access to the application portal.

I have forgotten my password. What do I need to do? Who can help me?

In the TNHAF application portal, please click on “Forgot Password.” This will guide you through the process to reset your password.

Can I apply for this program with my phone or tablet?

Yes. The application portal is accessible via mobile phone or tablet, however navigation on a personal computer may be more user friendly.

How long do I have to complete the application?

The application should be completed in a timely manner. Incomplete applications will not be submitted for processing or review. All required information and documentation must be submitted in order for the application to be deemed complete and submitted for review.

How do determine the status of my application?

You may view the status of your application on the TNHAF application portal or contact a call center representative at 855-890-8073 to obtain a status update.

What happens in each stage of the process?

  • Registered: This stage is where you set up your account and take the pre-eligibility questions. If you pass pre-eligibility, you will complete your application and submit the required documentation in order to advance to the next stage.
  • Submitted: During this stage, the intake clerk will verify that you have an FHA, VA, or USDA COVID19 Partial Claim before advancing to the next stage.
  • Qualification: During this stage, the documentation that you have uploaded will be reviewed for completeness. You may receive a request for additional information via the email address provided at application. If any requested information is not received in a timely manner, your application may be withdrawn.
  • Underwriting: To determine eligibility per program guidelines, and underwriter will review all information requested from FHA, VA, or USDA servicer as well as all documentation you provided at submission. Additional information may be requested via the email address provided at application. During this stage, you will receive notification of approval or denial. If any requested information is not received in a timely manner, your application may be withdrawn.
  • Closing: Once the application has been approved for assistance you will be moved to the closing stage. We will verify that you have completed require counseling and confirm the accuracy of Partial Claim Reimbursement figures. Your application may be selected for a pre-funding Quality Control review and, if so, would be reviewed during this stage.
  • Disbursement: Funding is disbursed during this stage and may take up to 2 weeks to reach FHA, VA, or USDA servicer.
  • Monitoring: Files in this stage may be selected for a Quality Control review.
  • Competed: Your application will be moved to this stage upon completion of all payments and assistance has ended.
  • Appeals: If your application is denied and you appeal the decision, your file will be moved to this stage if the appeal is approved to reopen the application for review.

I am separated from my spouse – do I have to include my spouse’s information?

Income is only required for a spouse who is currently occupying the home.

I have been asked for additional information. How long do I have to provide the information?

The request for additional documentation will include the submission deadline.

What do I need to do if my application is withdrawn?

Applications are withdrawn due to failure to provide all required information/documentation. Once all required information and documents have been submitted, you may request to have the application reopened by calling the call center.

If my application is denied can I request an appeal?

If your application is denied, you may submit an appeal of the decision within 30 days of the denial notification. The appeal request must include an explanation as to why the appeal is being submitted along with sufficient documentation to verify an appeal is substantiated. The denial will include instructions on how to appeal the decision.

I can’t locate my taxes, what can I do?

Tax transcripts are available at . Once you are on the IRS website, click on get your tax record. Choose “request online” for immediate access to your transcripts. You will then need to create an account (follow the directions on the website) or if you already have an account you need to log in. Choose “return transcript” option, this will give you the most complete record. You may also choose your wage and income transcripts from the same year if you do not have already have those. You will have access to the last several years of taxes filed. Once you have accessed the necessary transcript, save to PDF. You can then upload the documents into the application portal.

What is the counseling that is required? And when do homeowners need to take this?

Before HAF funds are released, the homeowner must complete a counseling session with an assigned HUD-certified housing counselor. This session will provide support for the homeowner regarding their Partial Claim. It will also provide an opportunity to learn more about what the HAF Partial Claim Reimbursement program accomplishes for the homeowner and what follow-up may be required of them.

I brought my Covid related delinquency current through loss mitigation with my lender. Can I still receive any assistance?

If your mortgage is a government backed loan such as FHA or VA, and your Covid related delinquency was resolved with a partial claim, you may be eligible to have the claim paid off or reduced if you qualify. If you are unsure of what type of loan you have, contact your servicer to find out.

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