Information for HCV Owners/Landlords

The following gives information on the most important facts that owner/landlords should know.

Request for Tenancy Approval (RTA/RFTA)

The RTA must be completed by the landlord. The landlord and the applicant/family must sign the RTA; however, it is ultimately the family’s responsibility to submit the completed RTA to THDA. The family may be denied Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) participation if the RTA is not received timely, as outlined in their information packet.

Moving Into the Unit

It is important to remember that participating families are not permitted to move into the prospective unit until the following occur:

  1. The RTA is approved.
  2. Unit has been inspected and approved.
  3. Both, the lease and Housing Assistance Payment (HAP) Contract are in place.

Supplier Portal / Direct Deposit

Once a payment account is set-up, the landlord is able to track payments by registering on the State of Tennessee’s Supplier Portal Home Page.

Landlords may also complete an Email Deposit Notification form to receive remittance advices for their participating HCV units via email.

For assistance accessing the Supplier Portal, please contact Edison at (615) 741-HELP.

For portal registration assistance, please contact Supplier Maintenance at

If the landlord does not receive payments by ACH or is unwilling or unable to provide an email address using the Email Deposit Notification form, the landlord should use the Supplier Portal to view past payments.


Sign up for the HQS Inspections Portal for direct access to inspection results. Receive real-time updates regarding your inspection! Avoid the delay of mail transit and possible Housing Assistance Payment (HAP) abatements by opting-in to HQS Inspections Portal. Stay “in the know” on your housing quality standard inspections today! Register at Landlords may also request repair extensions through this portal.

Important Note: Only the owner or the delegated agent (not both) will receive alerts from the HQS Inspection Portal. Ensure you create a process to receive alerts and updates for your business to stay informed.

Self-Certifications and Affidavits

The landlord is encouraged to keep a copy of any type of documentation in regards to transmittal including Repair Self-Certifications to CGI Federal or Affidavits to THDA (email, fax or mail) as proof of submission.

Repair Self-Certifications will pass on the date of receipt to CGI Federal (postmarked date, if mailed); not the date signed.


The landlord must request an extension within the first 30 days of the unit failing inspection. An extension request requires documentation of the cause for delay in repairs (i.e., tenant unresponsive, outside vendor delays, etc.).

Abatement Process

CGI Federal is the contractor who manages THDA’s inspections. The landlord has 30 days to make required repairs in an assisted unit during an annual/biennial inspection. The landlord must return the signed Repair Self-Certification directly to CGI Federal. Do NOT send this information to THDA Offices.

  • Failure to repair and/or submit the Repair Self-Certification form to CGI by the 30 day deadline will result in the assisted unit going into abatement (Housing Assistance Payments (HAP) are stopped) due to HQS (Housing Quality Standards) non-compliance.
  • Units in abatement will not receive Housing Assistance Payments (HAP) from THDA after the commencement of the abatement period.
  • The tenant is not responsible for paying the HAP portion during the abatement period.
  • HAP funds will resume to the landlord on the date the Repair Self-Certification is received by CGI, as long as it is received prior to the deadline.
  • If THDA paid HAP to the landlord and the unit is abated, THDA will recoup the overpaid HAP.

Housing Assistance Payments

Housing Assistance Payments (HAP) is not late until the 5th business day of the month. HAP by the THDA is deemed received by the owner upon transmittal of payment by THDA; however, weekends and holidays could cause a slight delay in the payment processing.

Unapproved Fees/Charges

Outside of the initial one-time rental deposit, a landlord may not accept or request any additional fees, funds or charges outside of the signed lease and/or HAP contract from the participant/family. Violation of this rule will jeopardize the landlord’s future participation in the HCV Program for up to three years.

Rent Increase

The landlord may request an increase in contract rent during the participating family’s 120-day re-examination period or no later than 30/60 days prior to the annual recertification effective date/lease renewal date. All requests will undergo a Fair Market Rent (FMR) Comparison (Comp). THDA will deny requests that do not meet the Rent Comp.

Housing Locator – Free to List

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