THOMAS Documents

This page has been developed to provide applicants access to THDA guidelines, notices and documents for the applicable cycle for the Low Income Housing Credit and Multifamily Tax- Exempt Bond Authority programs. Applicants should download and execute the applicable documents into the THOMAS system under the applicable document folder on the Document screen.

Each document has a notation beside it for the applicable program to which the applicant is seeking an allocation from. The documents that are denoted both can be used for the Competitive LIHC and MTBA with NonCompetitive LIHC programs, documents denoted C LIHC only are to be used for the Compeittive LIHC program, documents denoted MTBA with NC LIHC only are to be used for the MTBA with NC LIHC programs, documents denoted C and NC LIHC only are to be used for both programs, and documents denoted MTBA only are to be used for the MTBA portion of the MTBA with NonCompetitive LIHC program.

For any questions regarding any supporting documentation please check our FAQ section. If you have further questions regarding our program, please contact THOMAS.

The THOMAS User Manual below will provide applicants with additional resources and instructions for both Multifamily Programs.

Guidelines and Notices-

THDA Forms and Templates

LIHC Program- LIHC Competitive and MTBA Bond Program with Non Competitive LIHC

MTBA Program

Final Application for Both Programs

  • Applicants seeking to file a final application in THOMAS should contact Felita Hamilton to begin the process.