Section 8 Contract Administration Division

In August 2000, Tennessee Housing Development Agency (THDA) was awarded a Performance Based ACC Contract with the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) for oversight of properties with Project Based Section 8 Housing Assistance Payment Contracts. The Section 8 Contract Administration Division has responsibility for the majority of HUD's Performance Based Section 8 properties in Tennessee and is also a traditional contract administrator for a small portfolio of Section 8 properties for which THDA is the mortgage holder.

Contract Administration Services

  • Voucher reviews, approvals, and payments.
  • Processing of contract renewals.
  • Processing of rent adjustments.
  • Investigating resident complaints and concerns.
  • Processing of Special Claims.
  • Technical assistance on TRACS transmissions and resubmitting HUD 50059s.

HUD Services

  • Approval of withdrawals from Reserve for Replacement or Residual Receipt accounts.
  • Conducting physical inspections.
  • Year-end audit reviews.

Note: If THDA is the mortgagee on the property, the above functions have been, and will continue to be, performed by THDA as well as Management and Occupancy Reviews.