Instructions for Direct Deposit Set-Up or Making Changes to a Supplier Account - 11-15-2016 Update!

Owners/Agents (Suppliers) are responsible for making certain changes to their Housing Assistance Payment account with the State’s Department of Finance & Administration.Changes such as:payments via direct deposit, to existing payment accounts and/or changes to remittance advice addresses.These changes are made directly to the State’s Department of Finance & Administration.

Please note that THDA requires all Suppliers to receive Housing Assistance Payments (HAP) for the Section 8 Rental Assistance Housing Choice Voucher Program via direct deposit. Below are the options you may choose from that will best fit your needs.Please read the instructions carefully and completely as to not delay any set-up and/or changes that are requested.

  • SupplierDirect Deposit Account Set Up This link, and its instructions, are for Suppliers who arereceiving a HAP deposit from THDA for the first time and via direct deposit.
  • SupplierRemittance Advice Address Change This link, and its instructions, are for Suppliers who need tochange the existing remittance advice address only.
  • SupplierChange of Payment Account This link, and its instructions, are for Suppliers who are currentlyreceiving a HAP deposit from THDA and wish to change the existing bank accountin which the HAP is being deposited. Additionally, for Suppliers who are currently receiving a HAP viawarrant (check) and are required to receive their HAP via direct deposit.Note: If you are changing the existing bankaccount and need to make a change to the existing remittance advice addressalso, both processes can be done simultaneously through this link.
  • Email Deposit Notification Form - This link, If you want your monthyly remittance statement emailed to you, complete this form.

Once all required documents have been received, changes may take up to 15 business days.Once your payment account is set-up or updated, you will be able to track your payments by registering on the State of TN’s Supplier Portal Home Page.

As the above action(s) is completed, it is imperative that the Supplier Information form be submitted to

Click here for the Supplier Information Form.

Generally, for any of the above processes, once all required documents have been received by Edison, completion can take 7 – 10 business days.

Should you have any questions, or need assistance with the portal registration process, please contact Supplier Maintenance at (615) 532-5150 or

Please direct all other inquiries, including those regarding your Housing Assistance Payment to your contact your local field office.Again, THDA appreciates your participation and having you as our partner!

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