HOME Program Gallery

This is just a small sampling of the hundreds of projects that THDA's HOME funds have made possible. THDA is proud to work with our grantees to increase housing stability all across Tennessee.

Lenoir City, Loudon County (East TN)
The home above was originally built in 1938 and had never had central heat and air. The owner had 22 tape marks on the floor so she knew where to put out pots and buckets to catch the water when it rained. Now she has a new roof, all new doors and windows, new gutters and downspouts, and central heat and air.

Woodbury, Cannon County (Middle TN)
In addition to the complete exterior makeover including new windows, the kitchen of this home was given a complete overhaul. Updated with all-new Energy-Star appliances and new flooring, cabinets, and countertops, the owners now have a more functional, energy-efficient, and beautiful kitchen.

Decaturville, Decatur County (West TN)
The kitchen appliances in this home were very old. With THDA's HOME Grant money, the City of Decaturville was able to supply the homeowner with brand new (and safer) Energy Star appliances.

Kingston, Roane County (East TN)
This home was given a much-needed facelift.

Whiteville, Hardeman County (West TN)
This home lacked adequate restroom facilities. A new fiberglass surround replaced the old paneled walls, new plumbing fixtures and cabinetry were installed, and the flooring was replaced.