Competitive Grants Program


Greetings THDA Program Partners,

This communication is to inform you that THDA will not be offering 2023 Summer or 2023 Winter rounds of the Tennessee Housing Trust Fund Competitive Grants Program. The funds allocated for Fiscal Year 2023 are being diverted to help fill construction gaps of current grantees who have experienced unprecedented construction cost increases related to the COVID-19 pandemic over the past two years. THDA will distribute a notice of funding availability when funds become available for fiscal year 2024.

Thank you for all that you do to help meet the affordable housing needs of the citizens of Tennessee.


THDA's Tennessee Housing Trust Fund Competitive Grants are awarded to agencies for the purpose of developing and/or preserving rental housing for low- and very-low income households, the elderly, and those with special needs. Examples of special needs populations include the disabled, ex-offenders, victims of domestic abuse, and youth aging out of foster care.

Who Can Apply

Cities, counties, non-profit agencies, public housing authorities, development districts, and other State agencies

Private citizens - Private citizens cannot access this program directly.

Eligible Activities

  • New construction
  • Acquisition of land upon which rental housing will be built
  • Acquisition of existing rental units
  • Rehabilitation of existing units
  • Conversion of non-residential units to residential units

What Type of Funds are Available?

Approximately $5 million is allocated every year, upon approval by THDA's Board of Directors. These funds come from the Tennessee Housing Trust Fund, which is financed by profits from THDA's mortgage loan program. Funds are awarded based upon a rigorous competitive application and scoring process, with two grant rounds awarded every year: one in the fall and one in the spring. The maximum grant award is $500,000 per grantee, per grant round. There is no minimum.

Past Funding Awards

2022 Winter Award Funding Matrix
2022 Summer Award Matrix
2021 Winter Award Matrix
2020 Spring Award Matrix
2020 Fall Award Matrix
2019 Spring Competitive Grants Awards
2019 Fall Competitive Grants Awards
2018 Spring Competitive Grants Awards
2018 Fall Competitive Grants Awards

    Need more information?

    Please contact Toni Shaw, Housing Program Manager, at (615) 815-2034 or at