Crisis for elderly homeowner requires emergency help

84-year-old Willie Giles applied for THDA’s Emergency Housing Repair Program in August of 2021 with the help of her son. Due to Ms. Willie’s current disabilities with her hands and feet, walking has become much more difficult.

In 2021, Ms. Willie fell on the steps leading to her home. Because of her disabilities and her home's location on a hill, her son knew that action had to be taken to prevent future incidents. He called THDA’s affiliate, the Northwest TN Development District (NWTDD), in hopes of having a ramp built onto his mother's house.

With money from THDA’s Emergency Repair Program, NWTDD was able to approve Ms. Willie for a ramp leading up to her front door and a ramp to her garage door. By the time she rang in 2022, Ms. Willie's ramps were in place.

“I feel so much safer,” says Ms. Willie. “I’ve always been an independent woman and now I can use my walker and hold onto the ramp to get myself home.”

The Emergency Repair Program allocates funds to make essential home repairs for elderly or disabled homeowners. The purpose of this program is to correct, repair, or replace an essential system and/or critical structural problem for low-income homeowners who are elderly (60+) or disabled. The aim of the ERP is to stabilize the homeowner's residence by making essential repairs to make the home more livable.

“THDA is proud of what the ERP has accomplished in 2022.” Executive Director Ralph M. Perrey states, “THDA will continue to fund projects that help people like Ms. Giles get the home repairs they need.”